Getting Credit For An Audio Course

The best way to complete courses on the go is to use our audio courses. There are two main ways to do that, the first is via our iPhone app (available here.) and the second involves downloading the audio files and transferring it to any mobile device that can play mp3s (tablet, smartphone, etc.). Rest assured that the audio version of a course is the same content as the video version of the course. Additionally, it provides the same amount of credits as a video version of a course.

NOTE:Most states accept credit via audio courses. However, the following states are not available for Lawline MP3 CLE credit: ID, IA, KS, LA, MS, OH, OK, PA, SC, VA, and District of Columbia. For more information on specific state requirements please check here. Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS) and Small Business Administration(SBA) credit is also not available via audio formats. 

Downloading An Audio Course
There are two different locations to download the audio version of a course on Lawline. The first is in the Lawline Course Catalog or the My Courses page. The screen grab below shows the location of the audio file in both locations.

An additional location to download an MP3 is from directly inside the Lawline Course Center. The screen grab below shows the location of the audio file in the Lawline Course Center.

Once downloaded to a device completing the course is simple. First, listen to the entire course for the verification code word. Then return to the course, click the Get Credit button to the lower right-hand side. The screen grab below shows the "Get Credit" button once for an audio course.Clicking Get Credit triggers the course survey. To complete, answer each question then enter the audio verification code. The screen grab below shows where to enter the audio verification code. 

Need help? Or more information please contact our customer support team at or via telephone at 877-518-0660.

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